Supporting women's innovations

Within the fields of tourism, creative and cultural industries.

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What is the ICE-project?


ICE is a project about finding common challenges on women's development and innovation in the sector of tourism and the creative industries. It's a cooperation that gathers knowledge from public and private sector from five different countries. We are looking forward to finding new ways to support these sectors within the existing structures and in the long run inspire women to be more innovative.


Background of the project


The Baltic Sea Region (BSR) has a competitive advantage regarding educated population, research and innovation capacity and an innovative potential of SMEs (small- and medium sized enterprises). Nonetheless, the BSR value is only 16% of total EU GDP. The BSR har insufficient use of it's innovation potential. For exemple, the output of capital in form of patents is below the EU-standard.


In the BSR we have an innovation system that primarily limits the scope of the innovation concept to men, usually men of the majority population. The individual imapt of this structural view is that the underpresented groups do not see themselves as innovators, or their ideas as being innovative. Thus there is a need to promote new approaches to innovation support, i.e promote models that can bolster the innovation of innovatively marginalized groups and by extension the innovation capacity of SMEs.


First meeting in Linköping, Sweden

The first meeting was held in Linköping, Sweden. The aim of this meeting was to get clear on the details and to all get to know each other.



Second meeting in Riga, Latvia

For the projects second meeting, the theme was statistics and reasearch. All partners had done research on the statistics available in their countires on womens innovations in the TCCI industries.